Discovering the Ever-Present Cosmic Energy

Are you fascinated by the concept of Universal Energy, or what some call the “cosmic force”? Me too! My journey exploring this ever-present energy has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. And guess what? In the Science of Mind philosophy I practice,  we believe that this Universal Energy has always been in, around, and through us.

Discovering the Ever-Present Cosmic Energy with Christina Tillotson of Enhancing Lives Unlimited

Embracing The Energy Through T’ai Chi Chih

Embracing the Energy Through T'ai Chi Chih

Since 1983, I’ve been both a student and a teacher of T’ai Chi Chih, a form of moving mindfulness meditation. Every time I lead a class, my key message to students is pretty straightforward: the Life Force, Chi, or whatever you want to call it, is always available to us. Imagine swimming in an endless ocean of cosmic energy, love, and light. That’s the essence of T’ai Chi Chih. And that is the essence of our lives.

Valuable Insights from Senior Students

I’ve had the privilege of teaching T’ai Chi Chih classes at the Encinitas Senior Center since 1999. My students are a diverse group, ranging from long-term attendees to fresh faces. One particular student, our “class comedian,” loves to add a sprinkle of humor during our end-of-class discussions. Last week, however, a newer student shared an epiphany that gave us all food for thought.
During our sharing circle, she excitedly expressed that she “finally got it.” She had grasped the idea that the energy we cultivate and circulate in T’ai Chi Chih is omnipresent…that it was and is always there. Feeling that energy so tangibly led her to a rather profound realization. She said that if she’d known about this inexhaustible cosmic energy during her “hippie days,” she wouldn’t have felt the need for mind-altering substances!

Valuable Insights from Senior Students of Christina Tillotson from Enhancing Lives Unlimited

Could Today’s Teens Tap into Cosmic Energy?

Could Today's Teens Tap Into Cosmic Energy? A question from Christina Tillotson of Enhancing Lives Unlimited

Her revelation spurred me to ponder: What if we could introduce this idea of circulating and opening to this omnipresent universal energy to today’s young people? Could it serve as a pillar for mental stability, possibly deter substance use, or inspire them to make a positive impact on our world?

What’s Your Take?

So, let’s dive into this conversation. Do you believe in the constancy of cosmic energy, whether we’re conscious of it or not? Could a heightened awareness of this energy lead to a more compassionate, joyful, and kind world?

Feel free to share your thoughts. After all, we’re all in this cosmic journey together.