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"The Virtual Community Virtuoso"

Let Us Meet Christina

Enhancing Life Unlimited welcomes you to meet Christina Tillotson, an extraordinary life enhancer devoted to transforming the world.

Moreover, Christina’s purpose in life is to uncover the divine essence within each individual, illuminating the path towards a better world.

Let us delve deeper into Christina’s remarkable journey and discover her extraordinary essence.

From The Virtual Community Virtuoso to a Published Author

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Visionary Trendsetter and Published Author

Many people describe Christina as a visionary trendsetter with a profound purpose of unveiling the remarkable presence of the Universal Spirit within all individuals for a better world.

She is also honored to hold the “Published Author” title, recognized for her expertise in virtual communities. Check out her article, “Does the Internet Have a Soul?” published in the April 2023 edition of Science of Mind Magazine. And stay tuned for the release of her upcoming book, “Connecting Souls: Transcending Loss & Finding Purpose in the Digital Age.”

Supporting People in Enhancing Their Lives

Christina’s passions are supporting people in transcending loss, embracing abundance, finding purpose, and enhancing their relationships.


As a lifelong educator and spiritual seeker, Christina received the call to Ministry the night she was suddenly widowed at 50. Since then, she has been honored to serve as a New Thought Ancient Wisdom minister through Centers for Spiritual Living since 2003. Christina transcended the death of her soul mate by finding purpose by spreading universal spiritual principles throughout the world through technology.

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Award Winning Online Education Pioneer

Because Christina LOVES the possibilities of using technology to spread universal spiritual principles worldwide, she became an award-winning expert in online education and facilitating online communities. In that area of expertise, beginning in 1998, she was guided to pioneer online education for what is now known as Centers for Spiritual Living. She was among the first in the world to teach meditation online. Because of that expertise, Christina was also honored that the position of Distance Education Dean for the Holmes Institute accredited Master’s Degree program in Consciousness Studies was created for her in 2004. She was indeed thrilled to serve in that position until 2020.

T’ai Chi Chih Joy Thru Movement™ Instructor

Christina is passionate about sharing T’ai Chi Chih Joy Thru Movement ™, a moving mindfulness meditation dedicated to circulating the cosmic energy called chi. She loves sharing this practice that helps keep her centered and has helped her through many challenges in life, such as becoming suddenly widowed at the age of 50. This practice can help keep you centered through many challenges in your life. You can find her published article about T’ai Chi Chih called “Become a Conscious Conduit of Life’s Energy” in the June 2023 issue of Science of Mind Magazine.

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What Makes Christina Tillotson Unique

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Passion And Experience

With a passion for online education and a deep understanding of spiritual growth, Christina Tillotson is a true pioneer in her field. She effortlessly facilitates online communities for students and faculty, utilizing Learning Management Systems and video conferencing platforms like Zoom. With her extensive experience as a Minister and spiritual educator, Christina has been leading the way in online education since 1998, when she pioneered the online learning program for what is now the Centers for Spiritual Living. Not only that, but she was also among the first to introduce meditation teachings online in the very same year. At Enhancing Lives Unlimited, we believe in the power of personal guidance and support, and Christina is here to provide just that. Whether you have questions about a course or session or are interested in building an online community, Christina is dedicated to making it happen together. Reach out to her using the contact form and embark on a journey of personal growth and enlightenment.

Solid Education

She has a strong educational foundation. That includes:

  • Licensed and ordained New Thought, Ancient Wisdom Minister through Centers for Spiritual Living since 2003.
  • Doctor of Divinity, Emerson Institute
  • Honorary Doctor of Divinity, Holmes Institute
  • MA Consciousness Studies, Holmes Institute
  • Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Joy Thru Movement  instructor since 1993
  • Authorized Mars-Venus workshop facilitator trained by Dr. John Gray
  • MA Education
  • 4 Lifetime CA teaching credentials
Patchwork of Colleges and Institutions

Awards and Recognition

Award from the Holmes Institute, School of Consciousness Studies Accredited Master’s Degree Program, July 2020:

“With deep appreciation for your innovation and sacred service to the Holmes Institute.”

From the Holmes Institute, February 2017:

Honorary Doctorate in Divinity

Award From Centers for Spiritual Living, February 2016:

The Ernest Holmes Award, the highest award possible for anyone in the organization

Award From the Centers for Spiritual Living Clergy Association, February 2012:

The Global Heart Award “In Loving Appreciation for Effectively Advancing A World that Works for Everyone”

Schoolmaster of the Year Award:

Napa County, 1984