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The Power of The Word

Words possess a formidable power that can shape destinies, ignite revolutions, and transform lives. Indeed, they have the unique ability to impact individuals, societies, and cultures, leaving an indelible impression on our collective consciousness. From the art of persuasion to the art of storytelling, words hold the key to unlocking the deepest corners of human emotions and thoughts.

But have you ever contemplated the immense power of words to expand your awareness and elevate your consciousness? Meet Christina, a visionary writer who delves into this profound realm with her latest works. Immerse yourself in her thought-provoking articles, meticulously crafted to challenge your perspectives and ignite a spark of enlightenment within you. And,  as you dive into her words, you’ll uncover a world of new possibilities and unveil the hidden truths that lie dormant within your soul.

Don’t miss out on this transformative journey. Explore Christina’s recently published articles and eagerly anticipate the imminent release of her upcoming book. The Power of the Word awaits, ready to awaken your mind and elevate your life.

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Does The Internet Have A Soul?

Does the Internet Have A Soul? Discover a captivating journey through the digital realm with this mesmerizing article penned by Christina Tillotson. Published in the Science of Mind Magazine in April 2023, this thought-provoking piece will transport you to the intersection of technology and spirituality. Brace yourself for an immersive experience as Christina unravels the enigma of the internet’s soul. Delve into her groundbreaking research and gain profound insights into the profound question: Does The Internet Have a Soul? Prepare to be enlightened!


“That manifestation of a web page is temporary. When we leave that page and go to somewhere else on the internet, energy flows back into the universe until someone else links to that web page.  The energy keeps coming and going and coming and going and coming and going. For me, that is a metaphor about how energy is used in all areas of life. It manifests into something, and then lets it go, and manifests something else and lets it go. Continuous creation and re-creation according to our choices; another example of how the soul of the internet sustains, expresses, and expands Itself.”

The full article is accessible by clicking on the title above.

Man Practicing T'ai Chi Chih

Become a Conscious Conduit of Life’s Energy

Become a Conscious Conduit  Embark on a transformative journey as you tap into the boundless potential of becoming a conscious conduit for life’s energy. Let you be captivated by the insightful words of Christina Tillotson as her article graces the pages of the Science of Mind Magazine in June 2023. Prepare to unlock your hidden potential and experience profound harmony, inner peace, and boundless vitality. Dive into this mesmerizing article and immerse yourself in the joy of movement as T’ai Chi Chih reveals the secrets to an enriched life.

“Circulating and balancing the Chi is the great secret of life.” — Justin Stone, Originator, T’ai Chi Chih, Joy Thru Movement


“Have you ever thought of yourself as a conduit and conductor of one of life’s greatest gifts, energy? Whether you know it (or like it) or not, you are both. Being one with life makes you a conductor of energy—and being aware that you are one with life makes you a conscious conductor of that energy, determining how it will flow. The result can be a joy that flows from the deepest wellspring of the heart. One practice that countless awakened individuals around the world employ to mindfully conduct that energy is called T’ai Chi Chih.”

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Book with Golden Words

Connecting Souls: Transcending Loss & Finding Purpose in the Digital Age

Watch for Christina’s Upcoming Book!!!

Join her on a spiritual journey and the profound realization of spreading universal spiritual principles worldwide via the Internet. This reflective book will inspire and equip you to transcend loss and bring profound meaning and purpose into your life.

Read an excerpt of the Christina Tillotson book soon to be published:

“Connecting Souls: Transcending Loss & Finding Purpose in the Digital Age is an inspiring self-help memoir that weaves the story of visionary soulmates into the author’s profound spiritual journey in the digital age. Having played a vital role in the migration of the Internet from the Defense Department to education in 1995, she navigates the trials of sudden widowhood and unlocks a profound life purpose to pioneer spreading universal spiritual principles throughout the world via the Internet. This reflective memoir offers heartfelt inspiration and practical tools for readers to transcend loss and discover meaning and purpose in their own lives.”

Quotes from Jim Gilliam, The Internet is My Religion:

“The internet illuminates what has always been—our interconnectedness. It is not a tool or a thing. It is how we communicate with God. It is sacred. “


“If God is humanity connected, then the Internet is God incarnate; a manifestation of our connection, a rudimentary form of hyperconneted humanity.”