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Watch for Opportunities

Enhance your life limitlessly by focusing on the event that will bring you the most benefits. As a beam of light from and to a star, choose from our Calendar of Events and make the most of this opportunity on our website, Enhancing Life Unlimited.

Events on the Calendar

Our events on the calendar at Enhancing Life Unlimited encompass two distinct streams, T’ai Chi Chih and Wisdom that Transforms. With a recurring nature lasting up to 5 weeks, these events may be presented multiple times. Select any relevant event to obtain further details and secure your seat. Prompt action is recommended as some classes are limited to only 15 participants.

Calendar View of Events

Enhancing Life Unlimited offers a convenient calendar view to help you quickly identify and explore the events that pique your interest. By simply clicking on a date, you can easily access additional information and conveniently register for the event.