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Personal And Spiritual Growth Courses

Enhancing Lives provides online and in-person personal and spiritual growth courses that have the power to transform lives and organizations.

T’ai Chi Chih Classes

Christina  loves to provide online and in-person T’ai Chi Chih classes. This is a non-martial art dedicated to circulating balancing of Cosmic Energy to harmonize your body, mind, and Spirit.

Personal Guidance and Support

Enhancing Life Unlimited offers invaluable guidance and support to individuals facing life’s challenges. Christina empowers people with the necessary tools for personal and spiritual growth through personalized Zoom or phone sessions.

Christina’s Offerings for
Enhancing Lives and Transforming the World

Words That Transform such as Peace

Discover the Power of the Written Word

Expand Your Awareness and Raise Your Consciousness through the Power of the Written Word.

Explore thought-provoking resources and insightful articles that illuminate the intricate connections between consciousness, technology, and the universal energy that binds us all. Watch for Christina’s upcoming first book, CONNECTING SOULS: TRANSCENDING LOSS AND FINDING PURPOSE IN THE DIGITAL AGE in 2025.

T'ai Chi Chih - Joy Through Movement - A Moving Mindfulness Meditation - Non-Martial Movements for Circulating and Balancing the Cosmic Energy - Online/In-Person Classes with Christina Tillotson -

Release Stress & Harmonize Your Body Mind Spirit

Harmonize Your Body, Mind and Spirit with T’ai Chi Chih, an Easy to Learn and Practice Moving Mindfulness Meditation in Community on Zoom or In-Person

Wisdom That Transforms

Discover the Power of Universal Wisdom

Join our transformative community of seekers and unlock the profound potential of universal wisdom.

Through inspiring courses guided by universal principles. you will elevate your consciousness, address personal challenges, and explore new dimensions of awareness.

Personal Guidance and Support through Wellness in body, mind and spirit

We’re All On A Journey Back to the Place We Never Left

Private Sessions with Dr. Christina to Support You in Creating the Life You Desire for Yourself and Your World

Upcoming Events

Why Choose The Virtual Community Virtuoso to Assist You or Your Organization?

Peace Dove - Enhancing Lives and Transforming the World - Christina Tillotson

Expertise In Building Online Communities:

Christina brings 16-1/2 years of expertise in building online communities as the Distance Education Dean of the Holmes Institute, a 100% online accredited Master’s Degree Program in Consciousness Studies. In addition to spearheading the education of over 200 licensed Spiritual Practitioners globally, she supported faculty in teaching courses online and creating numerous Master’s Degree level courses. She can bring the same level of professionalism and competence to your organization, taking education online and building community.

T’ai Chi Chih Instructor:

As an accredited T’ai Chi Chih instructor since 1993, Christina from Enhancing Life Unlimited brings a deep passion for sharing this moving meditation with a whole new generation. Focusing on increasing joy and balance, she guides individuals in aligning their body, mind, and spirit. Whether online or in person, Christina is available to teach T’ai Chi Chih to the individuals in your organization.

Personal Guidance and Support:

Enhancing Life Unlimited offers personal guidance and support to help you create a vision for your life. Whether you seek assistance navigating grief and loss, embracing abundance and wellness, or enhancing relationships, Christina is here. Her expertise in supporting people in their relationships has been honed through years of training as authorized “Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus” workshop facilitator under the guidance of Dr. John Gray himself. Trust her to provide the guidance and support you need to enhance your life. Contact her for more details.