T'ai Chih Chi

Joy Thru Movement

A Moving Mindfulness Meditation

Christina Tillotson in a T'ai Chi Chih Movement

Definition of T'ai Chi Chih

T’ai Chi Chih.”Joy Thru Movement”  Consists of Non-Martial Movements Dedicated to the Circulation and Balancing of the Cosmic Energy.

It is truly a Moving Mindfulness Meditation.

Who can benefit from practicing T'ai Chi Chih?

In a sense, Everyone!!!

However,  if you identify with any of the three questions, you may feel even more of its benefits.

To join the waiting list for the next on-line T’ai Chi Chih beginning class, please email christina@enhancing.com.

Stressed from personal or world events?

Crave a community of practice and support from home or in-person?

Desire to experience joy and balance in your life and your world?

Desire to send healing energy into the world?

Harmonize Your Body, Mind and Spirit with T'ai Chi Chih

Don’t Hesitate! It is an Easy to Learn and Practice Moving Mindfulness Meditation in Community on Zoom or In-Person.

Click here for information about ongoing in-person beginning and intermediate classes at the Encinitas, CA Community and  Senior Center.

Email christina@ehancing.com to join the waiting list for the next six-week on-line beginning class. Participants will vote to decide upon the best class day and time that works for everyone. You can join on Zoom on any device.

Maze on the sand

Looking for further reasons to learn T’ai Chi Chih?

Release stress, promote wellness, and experience connection by learning and practicing together in community in real-time.

T’ai Chi Chih means “Supreme Ultimate Knowledge.” What more would you need?

Feel confident! It is not a martial art. It is a moving mindfulness meditation.

Give yourself and your friends and family this gift of harmonizing your body, mind, and Spirit…

Join the T'ai Chi Chih online classes


From Anywhere in the World through Zoom

Join the waiting list for the next six-week on-line beginning class by emailing christina@enhancing.com. You will participate in deciding upon the best day and time for the next class.

In-Person Classes at the Encinitas Community and Senior Center

If you are in the North San Diego area, you Are Invited to join us in building our in-person T’ai Chi Chih Community. Click on this link for information about the ongoing beginning and intermediate classes at the Encinitas Community and Senior Center.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

Still Hesitating?