The Power of Spiritual Community
An Upcoming Exploration with Christina Tillotson

How do you experience community?

I experience it as connections… connections that support and look out for each other… connections that serve each other… connections that are dedicated to the best interests of all.

In a world that often emphasizes individualism, spiritual communities are a testament to the strength of collective faith, love, and pursuit of higher understanding.

Let us remember to cherish and nourish our spiritual communities, recognizing their profound impact on our individual and collective lives.

There are few forces in life as powerful as that of community. When individuals come together with shared ideals, beliefs, and goals, they can create something far greater than the sum of their parts.

When we bond over a shared spiritual journey, the outcome is not just a group of people; it’s an assembly of energies that can transform, heal, and uplift our communities and the world.

Experience Spiritual Community
Gratitude for Broken Wrist Support

I am grateful

I am grateful to have found a profound community at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living for the past 20 years, for which I have been one of its ministers. I have found a supportive spiritual community in the larger worldwide community of Centers for Spiritual Living, which I served as the online dean for 16 of those 20 years. I could not have successfully navigated falling and breaking my wrist a few years ago without the community of Seaside. People brought me food, drove me to doctor appointments, and even came over and typed on my computer when I was teaching a class and could not use the keyboard.

I am so grateful. I found profound community when my beloved soul mate suddenly left the planet at age 54. Since we had just moved back home after four years in Virginia and had not yet re-integrated into our spiritual community, I was so grateful to have people all over the world connected with the Science of Mind and Centers for Spiritual Living to support me in light and love in transcending that unexpected loss. And now, with our beloved senior minister, Rev. Dr. Christian Sorensen, experiencing broken and bruised bones after a fall from his e-bike, the Seaside community has stepped up to support him and his family in profound ways. The community comes together even when the leader needs support. That is the true meaning of community.


August 27: Honoring Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson’s Two Decades of Ministry

I am thrilled that my Seaside Center for Spiritual Living community will acknowledge my 20 years as a Minister this coming Sunday, August 27. You can come in person at 9 or 11 AM at 1513 Lake Drive in Encinitas, CA, or live stream the service at 11:00 AM Pacific at https//

September 3: Exploring the Power of Spiritual community with Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson

The next Sunday, September 3, I have the honor of speaking at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living about The Power of Spiritual Community. You are invited!! You can be part of this community event in person at 9 or 11:00,  join us in real time on-line for our live streamed service or watch the recording later at I would love for you to be part of our caring, supportive community and explore the ideas of community with me on Sunday, September 3!!