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Does the Internet Have a Soul?

by Christina Tillotson

Quote from the article published in April, 2023

Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind Magazine

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    That manifestation of a web page is temporary. When we leave that page and go to somewhere else on the internet, energy flows back into the universe until someone else links to that web page.  The energy keeps coming and going and coming and going and coming and going. For me, that a metaphor about how energy is used in all areas of life. It manifests into something, and then lets it go, and manifests something else and lets it go. Continuous creation and re-creation according to our choices; another example of how the soul of the internet sustains, expresses, and expands Itself.

    Quotes from article to be published in June, 2023 Science of Mind Magazine:

    Become a Conscious Conduit of Life’s Energy

    by Christina Tillotson

    Circulating and balancing the Chi is the great secret of life.”

    Justin Stone, Originator, Tai Chi Chih, Joy Thru Movement


    Have you ever thought of yourself as a conduit and conductor of one of life’s greatest gifts, energy? Whether you know it (or like it) or not, you are both. Being one with life makes you a conductor of energy—and being aware that you are one with life makes you a conscious conductor of that energy, determining how it will flow. The result can be a joy that flows from the deepest wellspring of the heart. One practice that countless awakened individuals around the world employ to mindfully conduct that energy is called T’ai Chi Chih.



      Watch for My Upcoming Book!!!

      Discovering the Soul of the Internet: The Interconnectedness of All Things

      by  Christina Tillotson 

      As a computer scientist who spent the last four years of his life as a program manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (the agency that created the internet,) my husband’s vision was peace in the world. My vision was to spread universal spiritual principles throughout the world using the internet, which I began in 1995. Together we made the quintessential “dream team.” Because of him, I could see a new vision for my spiritual path. Beause he died prematurely, I experienced acute grief and turned to my visionour visionto transcend my loss and teach others about universal spirituality. I became an online educator in the early days of the internet, then a spiritual leader as a minister and distance education dean in the Science of Mind organization, Centers for Spiritual Living.

      Discovering the Soul of the Internet shows readers how they can open themselves to the possibilities that are always available, often in unique ways. There are many books about being widowed, and many books about finding purpose. There are many technical books about the internet. Discovering the Soul of the Internet synthesizes all three in a unique way that postulates that the connections the internet enables can be a metaphor for the soul.

      Because the internet has shown how connected we are, and all the great evolved spiritual teachers have shown how connected we all are, we can embrace that connection to transcend grief and loss and live a life of joy and purpose.



      “The internet illuminates what has always beenour interconnectedness. It is not a tool or a thing. It is how we communicate with God. It is sacred. “

      “If God is humanity connected, then the Internet is God incarnate; a manifestation of our connection, a rudimentary form of hyperconneted humanity.”

                 – Jim Gilliam, The Internet is My Religion