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T’ai Chi Chih – Joy Through Movement

A Moving Mindfulness Meditation

Stressed from the quarantine, its after effects, personal or world events?

Crave a community of practice and support from home or in-person?

Desire to experience joy and balance?

Harmonize Your Body, Mind and Spirit with T’ai Chi Chih, an Easy to Learn and Practice Moving Mindfulness Meditation in Community on Zoom or In-Person

“Circulating and balancing the Chi is the great secret of life…And the gentle movements of T’ai Chi Chih, a meditation with far-reaching benefits, work with the Chi.”  ~Justin Stone, T’ai Chi Chih Originator

Release stress, promote wellness and experience the relaxation of learning and practicing together in community in real time.

The quantum physics principle of resonance allows the Life Force that the Chinese call Chi to not only be added together, but to square with each person who is added to doing the practice in community.

T’ai Chi Chih, which means “Supreme Ultimate Knowledge,” is not a martial art. It is a moving mindfulness practice.

So give yourself this gift of harmonizing your Body, Mind and Spirit today. Join one of Christina’s T’ai Chi Chih, Joy Through Movement classes listed below.

On-Line Classes:  Summer/Fall  2022 from Anywhere in the World on Zoom


No Matter Where You Are in the World You Are Invited to Join Our Growing Community of Online T’ai Chi Chih Classes

New!! 7 Week On-Line Beginning Class on Zoom


4:00pm to 5:00pm Pacific Beginning 9/24

9/24 – 10/22 2022

Click HERE to Register



Ongoing Intermediate Class Saturdays on Zoom


11:30am to 12:30pm Pacific

If you have learned the basics of the 19movements and one pose of T’ai Chi Chih, you are invited to join this ongoing Intermediate T’ai Chi Chih class. During this class, we refine the movements and delve more deeply into the powerful philosophy of T’ai Chi Chih.

Click HERE to Register

In-Person Classes:  Summer/Fall  2022 at the Encinitas Community and Senior Center


If you are in the San Diego Area You Are Invited to Join Us in Building Our In Person T’ai Chi Chih Community

New Beginning Class for All Ages Over 18


6:30pm to 7:30pm Pacific

Registration open throughout the whole six weeks

Fall 2022 Class 9/12 – 10/31 2022

Click HERE to Register

Intermediate Class Opening to Beginners Over 50 


10:30am to 11:30am Pacific

Registration open throughout the whole six weeks

Late Summer Class 8/17- 9/28

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Desire Even More T’ai Chi Chih? Here are Two More Options!!!

Want to Learn More about T’ai Chi Chih?

Download a Video by T’ai Chi Chih Teacher Trainer, Pam Towne

Bring T’ai Chi Chih to Your Organization 

Email for more information

Testimonials from Enthusiastic Fans

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"I am currently taking Dr. Christina’s T’ai Chi Chih class and am just loving it. I find it very calming, healing, and it is helping me to be more connected and directed in life."

I can tell Christina has many years of personal and teaching practice. She is calm, loving, goes at a very comfortable pace, gives very clear instructions, and breaks down the movements into segments that make it very easy to learn and remember. I also really appreciate her sharing the broader concepts behind the practice, and helping students to visualize connecting to the Chi energy outside of us and within us."

"Dr. Christina is an excellent teacher! I know this from my direct experiences within her beginner T'ai Chi Chih classes."

"My whole being felt the effects of this T'ai Chi Chih practice. In each class, Dr. Christina goes over where to place your feet, hands, and legs. The initiation of each movement then supports a inner confidence that brings deep ease."

"Dr. Christina breaks down each movement so it is easy to understand where to place one's hands, feets, arms, legs. It is very comforting, giving inner confidence in bringing in the Chi Life Force."

"I have been doing T'ai Chi Chih with Dr. Christina for almost 6 months using Zoom. We all follow Christina on the screen and do all the movements. It is wonderful. We can feel the Chi without leaving our homes. Any anxiety we might have is replaced with relaxation and positive energy! I hope you can join us and spread the Chi!"

"Rev. Dr. Christina is amazing. She has a caring fluidity about her that makes the T'ai Chi Chih class extraordinary. She models for us the rhythm, movements and pace which makes it easy for us all to come together as a whole. She is wonderful at creating online community, giving us the opportunity to come early and stay afterwards. You can tell how much she loves T'ai Chi Chih!"

"Great introduction to the basic movements and concepts of working with the Chi. As a Yogi, I understand and work with Chi energy. However Dr. Christina presents the concept in a new way. This practice is very grounding!"

"Learning T'ai Chi Chih with Dr. Christina has become a treasured weekly ritual of peace and communion for me. I value Dr. Christina as a spiritual mentor and the practice of TCC as a spiritual path of ever unfolding depth and connection with the primordial energy that lives through each of us so beautifully is vibrant and distinct. And finding our TCC practice community of kindred spirits is a real bonus!" ~ Lori Jacobs

"Although I have been meditating for years, I am new to the Qi Gong type of practice. I am currently taking Dr. Christina’s T’ai Chi Chih class and am just loving it. I find it very calming, healing, and it is helping me to be more connected and directed in life."

About Christina Tillotson, Your Accredited T’ai Chi Chih Instructor 

Christina Tillotson has been practicing T’ai Chi Chih since 1983 and teaching it since 1993.

She has taught at yoga studios, gyms, businesses to assist their employees release stress, the Marine base at Camp Pendleton, assisted living facilities, senior independent living facilities.

She started the T’ai Chi Chih program at the Encinitas Senior Center in 1998 and has been teaching there ever since (online since June). She has been teaching Universal Spiritual Principles online since 1998, so teaching T’ai Chi Chih online during this challenging time is perfectly natural for her.

Now as a Minister for Centers for Spiritual Living with her own thriving business and the former Distance Education Dean for the Holmes Institute in consciousness studies, her life can get really stressful.

Her T’ai Chi Chih practice and teaching has kept her centered and is a big contribution to staying healthy now as a senior citizen.