Enhancing Life Unlimited
Your award winning instructor, Rev, Dr. Christina Tillotson,  is one of the world's experts in on-line spiritual education. She has been teaching universal spirtual principles on-line since 1998 and has been responsible for the education of over 200 licensed Spiritual Practitioners all over the world.

New Revealing Wholeness Online Class Begins Thursday January 28

Class Certificated by Centers for Spiritual Living Sponsored by Seaside Center for Spiritual Living.

This coursexpandon youcurrenknowledgof Universal Spirtual PrincipleanPractices througstudof the interrelationship between Spirit, Mind,

and Body.

Thiclass is based on the principleof Science oMind awell acurrenresearch ithscientific fieldof medicine and quantum physicsYowill alsemploy spiritual practices tapplthesideain your own daily life in a supportive spiritual community.

Seven weeks, Thursdays beginning January 28, 6-8 PM Pacific. Online on Zoom.. Click here for more information and to register: