New Year’s Eve Release

Virtual New Year’s Eve Releasing Ceremony

Thursday | December 31st | 7pm PST to 8pm PST | Limited to 100 People | Love Offering | Zoom

Let’s start 2021 with Fresh Perspectives and New Choices!

Instead of our usual “burning bowl” ceremony at Seaside on New Year’s Eve, we are going virtual! Let go of your challenges and whatever else you want to release for 2020 and set intentions for 2021 in a supportive virtual community. Have two pieces of paper and pen ready. If you have a fireplace in which to burn the old, that is perfect. Don’t have a fireplace but have a shredder, that will work. Don’t have either, use a wastebasket. Click HERE to register. We invite you to login to Zoom at 6:45pm PST. The limit is 95 people, so first come, first served. As always Love Donations gratefully accepted, thank you!

Questions? Call or text 1-760-519-9984 or email