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Dr. Christina Tillotson, The Virtual Community Wizard, is an award winning expert in online education and  facilitating community online for students and faculty through Learning Management Systems and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.

  • Spent 16 1/2 years as the Distance Education Dean of the Holmes Institute, a 100% online accredited Master's Degree program in Consciousness  Studies. She was the first and only Distance Education Dean for the Holmes Institute, a position that was created for her because of her unique expertise in on-line education. She took the Holmes Institute through three successful accreditions by the Distance Education Accreditation Commission.

  • Now available to assist others in taking education and other in-person activities on-line. Especially interested in supporting spiritual, educational, and  and arts communities in effective on-line undertakings.
    • An expert in facilitating on-line community and assisting others in facilitating virtual community. 

  • An experienced Minister and spiritual educator who pioneered online education for what is now Centers for Spiritual Living beginning 1998 and was the first person in the world to teach meditation online in 1998.

  • Strong education professional with an MA in education and four California lifetime teaching credentials, an MA  in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute,  a Doctorate in Divinity from the Emerson Institute, and an honorary Doctorate in Divinity from Centers for Spiritual Living.

  • Has been a teacher, a school administrator, the Western Regional Training Manager for Wasatch Education Systems, an educational software company before the advent of the use of the Internet in education, and Project Coordinator for Community Learning and Information Network, which was on the cutting edge of migrating the Internet from the Defense Department into education and job training beginning in 1995.

Link to Dr. Christina's acknowledgement Zoom event upon leaving the Holmes Institute and Centers for Spiritual Living Distance Education Dean's position July 2020: 


From the Holmes Institute, School of Consciousness Studies Accredited Master's Degree Program: July, 2020:
  • "With Deep Appreciation For  Your Innovation and Sacred Service to the Holmes Institue"
From the Holmes Institute, February 2017:
  • Honorary Doctorate in Divinity
From Centers for Spritual Living, February 2016:
  • The Ernest Holmes Award, the highest award anyone in the organzaion can be awarded
From the Centers for Spirtual Living Clergy Association, February, 2012:
  • The Global Heart Award "In Loving Appreciation for Effectively Advancing A World that Works for Everyone"
From Napa County Schools, March 1984:
  • Schoolmaster of the Year

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