Connection Souls: Transcending Loss & Finding Purpose in the Digital Age

Watch for Christina’s Upcoming Book!!!

“Connecting Souls – Transcending Loss & Finding Purpose”. Don’t you feel that the title alone is a clear invitation from Christina to join her on a spiritual journey? She wants you indeed to spread universal spiritual principles worldwide via the Internet as much as she does.

Moreover, this reflective book will inspire and equip you to transcend loss and bring profound meaning and purpose into your life. Please enter with her the connecting souls’ realm.

Watch for Upcoming Book - Christina Tillotson

Read an excerpt of the Christina Tillotson book soon to be published:

“Connecting Souls: Transcending Loss & Finding Purpose in the Digital Age is an inspiring self-help memoir that weaves the story of visionary soulmates into the author’s profound spiritual journey in the digital age. Having played a vital role in the migration of the Internet from the Defense Department to education in 1995, she navigates the trials of sudden widowhood and unlocks a profound life purpose to pioneer spreading universal spiritual principles throughout the world via the Internet. This reflective memoir offers heartfelt inspiration and practical tools for readers to transcend loss and discover meaning and purpose in their own lives.”

Reading Book - Christina Tillotson
“The internet illuminates what has always been—our interconnectedness. It is not a tool or a thing. It is how we communicate with God. It is sacred. “

“If God is humanity connected, then the Internet is God incarnate; a manifestation of our connection, a rudimentary form of hyperconnected humanity.”

Jim Gilliam

Author of The Internet is My Religion