Testimonials from Happy T’ai Chi Chih Fans


"I am currently taking Rev. Christina’s T’ai Chi Chih class and am just loving it. I find it very calming, healing, and it is helping me to be more connected and directed in life."

I can tell Christina has many years of personal and teaching practice. She is calm, loving, goes at a very comfortable pace, gives very clear instructions, and breaks down the movements into segments that make it very easy to learn and remember. I also really appreciate her sharing the broader concepts behind the practice, and helping students to visualize connecting to the Chi energy outside of us and within us."

"Rev. Dr. Christina is an excellent teacher! I know this from my direct experiences within her beginner T'ai Chi Chih classes."

"My whole being felt the effects of this T'ai Chi Chih practice. In each class, Rev. Dr. Christina goes over where to place your feet, hands, and legs. The initiation of each movement then supports a inner confidence that brings deep ease."

"Rev. Dr. Christina breaks down each movement so it is easy to understand where to place one's hands, feets, arms, legs. It is very comforting, giving inner confidence in bringing in the Chi Life Force."

"I have been doing T'ai Chi Chih with Rev. Dr. Christina for almost 6 months using Zoom. We all follow Christina on the screen and do all the movements. It is wonderful. We can feel the Chi without leaving our homes. Any anxiety we might have is replaced with relaxation and positive energy! I hope you can join us and spread the Chi!"

"Rev. Dr. Christina is amazing. She has a caring fluidity about her that makes the T'ai Chi Chih class extraordinary. She models for us the rhythm, movements and pace which makes it easy for us all to come together as a whole. She is wonderful at creating online community, giving us the opportunity to come early and stay afterwards. You can tell how much she loves T'ai Chi Chih!"

"Great introduction to the basic movements and concepts of working with the Chi. As a Yogi, I understand and work with Chi energy. However Rev. Dr. Christina presents the concept in a new way. This practice is very grounding!"

"Learning T'ai Chi Chih with Dr. Christina has become a treasured weekly ritual of peace and communion for me. I value Dr. Christina as a spiritual mentor and the practice of TCC as a spiritual path of ever unfolding depth and connection with the primordial energy that lives through each of us so beautifully is vibrant and distinct. And finding our TCC practice community of kindred spirits is a real bonus!" ~ Lori Jacobs

"Although I have been meditating for years, I am new to the Qi Gong type of practice. I am currently taking Rev. Christina’s T’ai Chi Chih class and am just loving it. I find it very calming, healing, and it is helping me to be more connected and directed in life."


Testimonials from Happy Virtual Community Fans


"Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson inspires learners to embrace virtual spiritual community. She excels at role modeling how to create an online container of consciousness which nurtures and supports each individual. Having pioneered distance learning models for many decades, she continues to forge collaborative distance learning pathways to serve global learners." Rev. Marilyn Sprague Director of Education and Virtual Outreach Portland Center for Spiritual Living

"I just want you to know you were great at teaching the Virtual Community Course and making it Mandatory was an excellent idea. If it had not been for your concern that I understand technology I don't know how far along I would be with my New Work at my CSL Charlotte Community. By the time I was ready to open, social distancing started and we had to go with technology. I thought of you the whole time we were getting started. Thank you for visiting our community so my members were able to meet who was instrumental in educating me to start our community." Rev. Rosedale Jones, Center for Spiritual Living Charlotte


Testimonials from Transformational Education Fans


"I had the pleasure of participating in the Revealing Wholeness class facilitated by Dr. Christina Tillotson that recently finished in March 2021. What a joy it was each Thursday night to connect with other spiritual living individuals via our weekly Zoom class. First we started with a check in by all participants. Then we explored our spirit, mind and body and the importance of observing and using the Creative Process to create that wave of possibility into physical form. I just loved the spiritual community that Christina nurtured, which allowed all of us to see one another as we really are, present and one with each other. I highly recommend taking this course if it is offered again. The concept shared by Christina how two individuals, accompanied by two more, and two more and so on, multiplies exponentially the Energy Force in all of us. This created the Wholeness I was looking for. I will continue to apply the Spiritual Principals offered in this Class. Thank You Dr. Christina!" ~ Scott Reiley