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Harmonize Your Body, Mind and Spirit with New Beginning T’ai  Chi Chih, Moving  Mindfulness Meditation Classes On-line and in Person

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A Seaside Wellness Wizards will start up again in January, the second Satruday of every month hybrid.. in person and on Zoom.

12:30: Social Time

12:45: Interactive program.  Programs will be posted here.


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Expand Your Consciousness with a New 4-Week Class Starting Soon

Your Place in the Cosmos Coming Soon

Have you ever wondered about your place in this expanding universe of billions of galaxies? Or what the latest discoveries in cosmology and science has to do with you in your life at this time on this planet? Ever thought of yourself as a speck of dust in this vast multiverse? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then this expanding consciousness course is for you! 

Contemplate your place in this mind-expanding cosmos of many universes, galaxies, stars and planets. Embrace and act upon your unique place at this unique time in our cosmic evolution. Explore a taste of some of the ideas and discoveries of current cosmologists and scientists and scientific philosophers. Dialogue upon and apply these ideas to your own life as a resident of our ever- expanding cosmos.

Classes will be recorded if you need to miss a class session. All resources will be provided on a private website.

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