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Christina Tillotson, “The Virtual Community Virtuoso”

Christina is an Award-Winning Expert in Online Education and Facilitating Online Community for Students and Faculty

Christina Tillotson is a visionary trendsetter. Her purpose in life is to reveal the exquisite Presence of Universal Spirit within all for a transformed world. She passionately serves in ways that are in alignment with that purpose, walking the talk in her business and in her life.

She has been a Religious Science Licensed Practitioner since 1987 and a licensed Minister through Centers for Spiritual Living since 2003.

She specializes in supporting people in dealing grief and loss, embracing abundance and wellness and building community. As a former Authorized Men are  from Mars, Women are from Venus workshop facilitator through the former Mars-Venus Institute trained by Dr. John Gray, she excels in helping people enhance their relationships.

From 2004-2020,  she was the Distance Education Dean for the Holmes Institute Accredited Master’s Degree Program in Consciousness Studies. She was awarded the Ernest Homes Award, the highest award possible in Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL), for taking the Holmes Institute from tapes and paper to digitally delivered programs that developed an extensive community and kept its accreditation.

She also created the on-line certificated education program for CSL beginning in 1998. This program has sent over 200 licensed Practitioners into the world in 17 countries and over 37 states. For 12 years, she was a professor in that program, facilitating a course she created called “Facilitating Virtual Spiritual Community” (Teaching and Learning On-Line)

Dr. Christina continues to create and teach a variety of new and established courses in personal growth, spirituality and consciousness. She is an Accredited Instructor of T’ai Chi Chih, Joy through Movement.

She has a Master’s in Education, and Master’s in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute. She has also earned a Doctorate in Divinity and an honorary Doctorate in Divinity from the Holmes Institute.

Dr. Christina lives in Southern California and has created a home with several cats that call her mom.

What Makes Christina Tillotson Unique

Dr. Christina Tillotson, “The Virtual Community Virtuoso, is passionate about learning, consciousness, spiritual growth and building online communities that enhance people’s lives.

She is an award-winning expert in online education and facilitation of online community for students and faculty through Learning Management Systems and video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. An experienced Minister and spiritual educator who pioneered online education for what is now Centers for Spiritual Living beginning in 1998, she was the first person in the world to teach meditation online in 1998.

She has a strong education background with an MA in education, four California lifetime teaching credentials, an MA in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute, a Doctorate in Divinity from the Emerson Institute, and an honorary Doctorate in Divinity from Centers for Spiritual Living.

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Awards & Recognition

Award from the Holmes Institute, School of Consciousness Studies Accredited Master’s Degree Program, July 2020:  “With deep appreciation for your innovation and sacred service to the Holmes Institute”

From the Holmes Institute, February 2017:  Honorary Doctorate in Divinity

Award From Centers for Spiritual Living, February 2016:  The Ernest Holmes Award, the highest award anyone in the organization can be awarded

Award From the Centers for Spiritual Living Clergy Association, February 2012:  The Global Heart Award “In Loving Appreciation for Effectively Advancing A World that Works for Everyone”