Tai Chi Chih

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Harmonize Your Body, Mind and Spirit with T’ai Chi Chih, Joy Through Movement, an easy to learn and practice moving meditation in community on Zoom on any device.

Wednesdays | 10:30am – 11:30am PST | Zoom

Stressed from the quarantine and its effects? Crave a community of practice and support from home? As an accredited instructor, the Virtual Community Wizard, Dr. Christina Tillotson, offers online T’ai Chi Chih, Joy Through Movement, classes through the Encinitas Senior CenterAlthough one can learn the practice of T’ai Chi Chih from YouTube, there is great power in practicing T’ai Chi Chih together in community in real time. The quantum physics principle of resonance allows the Life Force that the Chinese called chi to not only be added together, but to square with each person who is added to doing the practice in community.

January | February Classes:
4 Weeks | Jan. 13th to February 10th
10:30am – 11:30am PST | Zoom
$21 for Encinitas Residents | $28 for Non-Residents
To Register for January | February Classes Click HERE

February, March Classes:

5 weeks | Feb. 24th – March 31st
10:30am – 11:30am PST | Zoom
$25 Encinitas Residents | $28 Non Resident
To Register for February | March Classes Click HERE

Preview Video of Movements + Poses

Beginning students who want to join this class can preview a video of 19 movements and 1 pose. Click HERE to View

For more information on T’ai Chi Chih, Joy Through Movement

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Custom T’ai Chi Chih Classes for Your Organization

Allow your employees and/or volunteers to to connect and release stress from the effects of quarantine.
Contact Rev. Christiana by Text 1-760-519-9984 | Phone 1-760-944-9226 | Email christina@enhancing.com

T’ai Chi Chih Video Download by T’ai Chi Chih Teacher Trainer, Pam Towne:
Serenity in the Midst of Activity (Video Download) by Pam Towne, Accredited Instructor for over 25 years. Clear, easy-to-follow instruction in how to do the 20 gentle movements of this Moving Meditation.

Professionally produced in a beautiful outdoor setting with soothing flute background music (56 min).  Click HERE to make your digital download purchase.

Note: A new tab in your browser will open and you will be redirected to our 3rd party vendor for making your payment. You will be required to set up a login to access your new digital video. Then you can download it to multiple devices that you own within 30 days. Once downloaded, it is yours to use as long as you like. It will require 1 GB of free space on each device.

About your accredited T’ai Chi Chih Instructor, Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson, The Virtual Community Wizard:
Christina has been practicing T’ai Chi Chih since 1983 and teaching it since 1993. She would never let a day go by without doing her T’ai Chi Chih practice. She has taught at yoga studios, gyms, businesses to assist their employees realease stress, the Marine base at Camp Pendelton, assisted living facilities, senior independent living facilities, and currently, the Encinitas Senior Center (online since June.) She started the T’ai Chi Chih program at the Encinitas Senior Center in 1998 and has been teaching there ever since.

As a Minister for Centers for Spiritual Living and the former Distance Education Dean for 16 1/2 years for the Holmes Institute 100% online accredited Master’s Degree program in consciousness studies, her life can get really stressful. Her T’ai Chi Chih practice and teaching has kept me centered and is a big contribution to staying healthy as a senior citizen now myself.

She has been teaching universal spirtual principles online since 1998, so teaching T’ai Chi Chih online during this challenging time is perfectly natural for her.